About Soul on Sole

Our Beliefs

We believe that introducing and enriching your child in the arts is a wonderful gift that will last forever! Creativity, confidence, poise, body alignment, awareness, rhythm and team work provide for a sound individual foundation. Involvement in the many forms of the arts allows the student to explore movement, music, and creative expression as they learn arts in a structured environment. Our goal is to strengthen the student mentally, physically and artistically.

Mission - Dance

Passionately dedicated to providing each individual the opportunity to learn the arts in a positive, structured, and inspiring environment that promotes growth. Each child will be challenged to reach their potential through individual growth and transformation.

Mission - Theater

It is our purpose to create and maintain a physically and emotionally safe working environment for people to explore and develop the craft of acting, where each individual is encouraged, stimulated, challenged and supported to meet their full potential, find their own unique voice and a personal.

Educational and Artistic Incentives

From an educational standpoint, involvement in the arts through class work and stage performance provides each student with a positive and personal growth experience. It promotes self-esteem, confidence and lifetime achievements, which benefit students in all areas of education and leadership. Group work, class structure and performance play a significant role in their development as an artist and person. Each student should leave with the knowledge, training, and confidence to pursue any future in the arts.